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BUUF Affirmation
We join, in the spirit of love, to develop our religious attitudes objectively and honestly that life may be more meaningful.

September: A Time to Begin Again

September 2014 Pastoral Letter

Dear Members and Friends,

We all need Septembers, a time to begin again. I think that more resolutions are made in September than on January 1st. When I was a student I remember saying to myself this semester I will do the Latin translation before Sunday midnight. Latin translation is so time consuming unless you use a "pony." For the innocent who do not know what a "pony" is I will explain. A "pony" is an exact translation into English of the text. Looking up words in the Latin dictionary is so time consuming that many students resort to the "pony." If you get caught using a "pony" you will get a "C" or worse for the course. We were working on Virgil's Aeneid and if your translation was too smooth, the teacher would catch you and drop you down to a "C" or "C-" for cheating. At a beginning time we are always hopeful that we will do better and this time get it right. By October we have already broken our resolution.

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In the Saddle

My Great Uncle Dugan was a real cowboy. He was born in the Dakota Territories in the 1880’s. At the age of 11, he dropped out of the 6th grade to become a ranch hand. When we visited his ranch, in the late 50’s and early 60’s, when Dugan was an old man, he would regale us with tales of shooting, riding, and general hooliganism. As a young teen, he especially enjoyed pranking local law enforcement, the undertaker, and the Methodist minister’s wife. One thing Dugan had a particular talent for was breaking horses to saddle. On one visit, to the ranch, my brother, who was probably about ten at the time, asked, “Uncle Dugan, what is the most important thing in breaking a horse.” I still remember Dugan’s response, “The most important thing in breaking a horse is getting back in the saddle exactly as many times as you are thrown off. You just have to be more persistent than the "*#@$ horse."

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