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We join, in the spirit of love, to develop our religious attitudes objectively and honestly that life may be more meaningful.

Priming the Pump

jim-mcconnell2010When I was a kid on the farm one of my jobs was watering the cattle in their summer pasture. The summer pasture had been the site of an old homestead. It had a nice grove and a big pasture. The house and out buildings were all gone. All that remained was an old-fashioned well that probably was 80 years old by the time I came on the scene.

The first part of watering the cattle meant getting the old well going. To do that, I had to prime the pump. The pump was a suction pump. It relied on leather seals mounted on a vertical pump rod to suction the water up and pump it into the stock tank. In between uses the leathers would dry out. So, I would take an old coffee can and dip it into the low water in the tank and pour water down the vertical shaft of the pump. The leathers would take on water and expand onto the sides of the well pipe. At this point, the pumping could begin.

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Reflections on the Blessings in our Lives

Viola-January2009December 2013

Dear Members and Friends,

Recently my phone rang and a voice said, “Dr. Wang died yesterday morning.” The informer told me that he was a nephew and he was calling to give me the sad news. At first I sat in stunned silence, then I began to cry. Of course, these were tears of regret for all the things I had never told him. I comforted myself with the thought that at least I have him in the moving picture about our lives together. That was a small comfort. I regretted that he had never seen our movie; he was much too busy taking care of his grandchildren aged 4 and 6. I knew I had to knock on his door and speak to his family about the cause of his sudden death. I stepped into his apartment and there he was alive and well. Then it was revealed to me that his older brother in Connecticut, also Dr. Wang, had died that morning at 7 a.m. The shock at seeing him alive and well and about to start out to bring his grandchildren to the apartment (his usual morning chore) was the second shock. Of course he was dealing with his grief at the sudden death of his brother.

All that day I reflected on what it meant to lose a beloved person who has been a blessing in your life. I thought of all the things I should have told him, the words of love and appreciation which I had never spoken. Now I had to deal not only with the sudden loss, but with my feeling of regret for wasted opportunities.

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