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We join, in the spirit of love, to develop our religious attitudes objectively and honestly that life may be more meaningful.

Wrestling with Life's Gifts

Dear Members and Friends,

Viola0807Sometimes life surprises us with gifts.  We have to decide to accept the gift and the changes it will make in our lives, or we have to struggle and wrestle the gift to test whether the gift will be a blessing or a problem.  This happened to me when I was very young and had been married in 1942 to Robert, and we were happily situated in southern Wisconsin where Robert was the minister of the First Methodist Church.  The social worker said to Robert, “You must find a home for this child; he is too wild for the state orphanage.”  Robert tried and there was one wealthy family in the parish, a childless couple, who were willing to consider the adoption.  Before the adoption process could be started, the man became seriously ill.  The wife called me and she said, “In view of my husband’s precarious health, we have decided not to adopt Henry.”

The problem was back in Robert’s hands to find a home for Henry.  That previous summer Robert had helped six churches in northern Vermont write a constitution for the Green Mountain Larger Parish. This parish was to include three Congregational churches, two Methodist churches and one Baptist church located in Montgomery Center, two miles from the Canadian border.  In view of this invitation to be co-ministers of the Green Mountain Larger Parish, Robert said to me, “We have a chance to move to Vermont where no one knows the story of this child and it would be a completely new start for Henry.”  He would simply be known as the preacher’s son.  The state of Wisconsin had decided that the mother, who was a schizophrenic and unfit to raise a child, was put into a hospital in Monroe, Wisconsin, and Henry was put up for adoption.  Caroline, the mother, was sent to the county hospital where she stayed for the remainder of her life.

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Peace be with you!

Dear Members and Friends,

Viola-January2009I have been looking in The New York Times to see what the popular books are just now.  There seems to be a plethora of self-help books which promise to make you slimmer, prettier, stronger, healthier, and sexier.  The assumption behind these books is that people are dissatisfied with themselves, their condition, their health, and that they have a general sense of not being well.  I think that from time to time every person wishes for a different self.  If we are looking for personal transformation it is not to be found in these self-help books.  The reason is that very few books address the central problem of life which is the problem of meaning.

It makes me sad to hear that the number one health problem in Sweden is alcoholism.  Sweden has solved most of the social problems so that people have a decent standard of living.  No one is hungry, no one is homeless, abandoned or forgotten, and education is free from kindergarten through Ph.D.  Now that the social problems have been solved including the problem of health care, what is there left that people feel driven to find answers to their problems in alcohol which does indeed give you an altered consciousness?  With all of the positive social engineering in Sweden there is one problem which neither the government nor the philosophers can answer, i.e., the problem of meaning is yours to solve.  In one of the prayers in our church we end with the phrase “…that life may be more meaningful.”  I find that very disturbing. The problem of meaning is a very personal problem. Where do we look for meaning? Some people will say that the Bible offers many answers to this problem. Many people think that religion offers a solution. So often people say to me, “I’m not religious, but I am spiritual.”

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